A new social network which revolves around music-narrated short videos

musical.ly - May 2, 2019
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TikTok 11.0.3reviewed by Vedin Klovo on 5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5/5
Copying and recycling old ideas from social media apps is definitely not the best way for your app to become popular. New ideas may not be as general as Facebook or Instagram, but they definitely get the recognition they deserve and TikTok is a great example.

TikTok is primarily a video community where music plays the main role. Music is combined with great choreography or a funny montage, depending on the creators imagination. Videos are kept short and entertaining.

You can enjoy the community of TikTok without registering immediately, but you will definitely have to do so in order to follow certain channels and create and publish your own content. Video creation and editing is polished to perfection with facial recognition and great quality.

You can zoom in easily during the filming and add music to really match with what is going on in the video. The music library is huge, providing you with access to short inserts from your favorite songs!

The user interface is quite friendly and it's easy to get around. You can access your favorite content via hashtags on the explore page, with trending content being available at the top.

TikTok has become quite popular with more than 500 million downloads on the Play Store. Its videos have made its way to other platforms and its popularity is constantly on the rise and it's clear to see why.

• An original idea for a social media network
• It's a perfect match of original content narrated by a popular song from a huge music library
• The app revolves around a unique concept without filler material
• Video shooting and editing is done almost perfectly
• Plenty of suspicious content finds its way to the app


Minimum requirements

• Android 4.1+

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Operating system: Android

Package name: com.zhiliaoapp.musically

Supported languages: Available in multiple languages

Release date: 2019-04-22

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